Why 4 Ever Fit?

No matter who you are, be fit for everything life throws your way.

Your Goals
You want to hit the ball, chase the grandkid, rake the yard, lift the weights, win the race, keep your balance, look great in your clothes. Whatever your ability, age or activity, 4 Ever Fit professionals create a long-term approach to your fitness, while helping you meet your short-term goals.

Plus, our trainers’ extensive knowledge of biomechanics, nutrition and rehabilitation helps you create a balanced lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating habits, so that you can Get Fit, Stay Fit and be 4 Ever Fit. We improve the lives of clients of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. We educate, challenge, motivate, and empower our clients to reach their fitness goals using proven, effective methods – never gimmicks.

Our Expertise
We bring the highest quality professional fitness expertise to your door – home or office., whether or not you have equipment. Whether you are looking to improve your fitness level, train for a specific sport or improve balance and prevent falls, our nationally certified trainers will assess your fitness level and help you set and achieve your goals with safe, yet challenging methods – all from the privacy of your own home.

Proven Success
4 Ever Fit has been an innovator in personal fitness in the Washington, DC area since 1997. Before the first workout begins, we need to learn about you. At the outset, we perform a functional fitness assessment that checks for muscular imbalances, flexibility, extensibility and postural stabilization. Then by incorporating the disciplines of Personal Training, Muscle Activation Techniques® and Applied Functional Science our trainers act as a unified resource, and are better qualified to prevent injuries, to aid rehabilitation and to assist you to safely achieve your goals.