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Weekly Fitness Challenge for Seniors – Step Up to Single Leg Balance

25th November 2020

This week we will focus on two aspects which are very important to the safety and independence of older people.  Climbing stairs are vital to independence, and balance is crucial for preventing falls. This challenge is a little more difficult than some of our other challenges.  The balance part of it will test you and it may take a few tries to succeed at this one.  Don’t get discouraged.  Hold on to the hand rail lightly to assist you if necessary, and listen to your body. 

If you begin to feel fatigued or tired your performance will go down.  If your knee hurts take a break, stretch your calves, go for a walk and try again later or the next day.  The repetition suggestions are just suggestions or guidelines.  You can perform 2 or 5 or 10 or 20 reps.  Improvement will occur with practice.  Do what is beneficial, not detrimental to your joints. 

Watch the video to get the specifics of this challenge.

The goal is step ups forward and sideways with a balance hold.  Perform them daily.