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Weekly Fitness Challenge for Seniors – Hamstring Isometrics

10th December 2020

Do you have tight hamstrings? Many people say yes. Do you have weak hamstrings? Many people have no idea. The hamstrings are actually 4 muscles in the back of your leg which do more than bend the leg.  They extend the hip, rotate the lower leg and also bend the knee.  Another very important function they have is controlling the body against gravity.  Weak hamstrings make life more difficult.  Engaged hamstrings can help prevent lower back pain, knee pain, and hip pain. Perform these three different types of hamstring isometrics to stimulate and wake up your hamstrings.

Each Isometric should be done 5 times and held for 5 seconds with a 2 second rest between each contraction.

Seated on a couch or a chair.

Standing against a wall.

Lying on the floor.

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