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Weekly Fitness Challenge for Seniors – Chair Get Ups

This week we are expanding on the “get up” from early September. Get Up Video  Getting up from the ground and getting up from a chair are both extremely important actions vital to independence and daily living.

Our challenge this week is what I call “chair get ups.”  Some might call them squats.  What do you have to do after a squat?  You get up.  What is more important, being able to squat well or get up well?  They go together.  When you can get up using the appropriate muscles in your core and legs the “get down” aka the squat is also easier. 

I usually offer a set number of a specific activity. This week the challenge is different.  The video shows you how to get up and how to get down to a chair.  I would like you to work on using the proper muscles every time you rise and lower yourself into a chair.  Let’s master this movement while doing it.  Once you feel comfortable doing it, we can add repetitions. Watch the video below for all the details and specifics.

I hope you enjoy this slightly different challenge this week.

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