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Weekly Fitness Challenge for Seniors

The Importance of FAT for Seniors

Feet, Ankles, & Toes! Exercises to improve balance and foot function


Everyone wants to know about Fat.  These days fat is a little controversial.  Is it good for you or bad for you? Some say it is not as bad as we have been led to believe.   I am not going to jump into this debate, but I am going to discuss how import F-A-T is for seniors.  The FAT I am talking about is your Feet, Ankles, & Toes!

Our feet, ankles, and toes are the gateway to our body from the ground.  They communicate so much information up to the rest of our body.  A foot that functions properly enables so many other joints in our body to perform properly.  On the other hand, when we have dysfunctional feet other parts of our body have limited mobility to protect and compensate for those weeknesses. 

This challenge is a few simple exercises that you can do by yourself to help improve the mobility and strength in your feet, ankles and toes.

In the video I will describe seated toe extension and flexion.  Seated ankle dorsiflexion.  Seated ankle inversion and eversion (wind shield wipers), and standing plantar flexion.

The video shows some tips for stimulating the arch with a golf ball and using a dumbbell to help increase range of motion and using a stretch band to increase resistance. 

The foot is very adaptable and can handle many stresses.  These should be done daily and perform 20 reps for exercise.

Don’t ever forget the importance of your FAT.  Especially when you are getting older!