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Weekly Fitness Challenge for Seniors

Stretch Band

Dead Lifts Side Walking Bicep Curls

This week we are doing some standing leg exercises using a stretch band to work outer hips, your hamstrings and finishing with a bicep curl for your arms and shoulders. 

The hamstrings, and outer hips are two of the most under exercised leg muscles because we very rarely move laterally to exercise the out hips, and we many people sit for most of the day with their hamstrings in a shortened position that they weaken and tighten over time starting as early as grade school.  I watched my daughters go from gumby like little girls at age 4-6 to barely being able to touch their toes at age 10.  All that being said both these muscle groups are very important for balance, and proper gait.  Keeping them engaged and strong can be the difference between needing a hip or knee replacement in your 70’s or 80’s.

Perform these 2 simple exercises each day for a week and you will stand taller, and walk better the following week.  Added bonus arm exercise to help you pick up the grand kids, or great grand kids.

Stretch Band 3 Movements – Perform each exercise once and then repeat.

  1. dead lift – 10 -20 Reps
  2. side walking – 30 Seconds
  3. bicep curls – 25 Reps

Take a look at our video for a detailed description of the challenge. 

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