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Weekly Fitness Challenge for Seniors

9th September 2020

Fast Feet

This week’s challenge has some different aspects to it for balancing.  Many of our balance challenges are either static, or slow and controlled.  This challenge is a quick moving challenge.  Many seniors don’t do too many activities which are fast.  The reason for this is because most people have better body control when doing things slowly. Slow usually lowers your risk for falling thus older people tend to stay within their limits.  I designed this to challenge an underused part of your neurological system, to improve upon quick reactions, and sudden movements.

Perform the following movements 1 time per day for 7 straight days.

  1. 25 quick forward steps and returns on the left foot. Repeat with the right foot.
  2. 25 quick steps to the side and return on the left foot.  Repeat with the right foot.
  3. 25 quick crossover steps and return with the left foot.  Repeat with the right foot.
Fast Feet