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Tips on Being Successful in Mind, Body, & Spirit in 2018

Welcome to 2018.  Yes, I am a month late, but I hope you’re off to a great start in this new year.  Only the very disciplined set New Year’s resolutions and stick to them indefinitely.  For that group, the New Year’s resolution is not really a resolution, but rather a continuation of their current exercise, eating, and wellness habits.  For the rest of us, we struggle to stay consistent, usually due to the pull of  work, family, and other interests that regularly consume our time.  I have found that shortening the time frame of your goals is a better way to achieve success and not feel like a failure if you don’t achieve your goals.

The definition of self-discipline is the ability to control yourself and work hard, perform tasks, or behave in a particular way without being told to do so by anyone else.  Similarly, it may also mean avoiding the performance of actions that might be detrimental in mind, body, or spirit.

During the past year I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog post along with the weekly fitness challenges.  It has also been a great learning experience for me.  Taking the time to put ideas, concepts, philosophies, and strategies on paper has made me think outside my daily routine of exercise programs for my clients.  It has not been easy to stay consistent (as you may have noticed in January).  Clearly it is much easier for me to exercise than to write a blog every two weeks.  While reviewing some of my previous posts,  I realized that I was always focusing on one major wellness theme, and I believe that theme is very much the basis for my fitness/wellness philosophy.

That theme was:  be consistent, start slow, and listen to your body.

From a previous post: “As I always say, start slowly and progress according to what your body can handle. Consistency is the key. If your body is giving you signals it is telling you something. Rest when you need it or modify your exercise to avoid overstressing any one area of your body.”

Choose a short-term goal and stick to it.  The goal should be something that challenges you but isn’t impossibly difficult.  I was reading Built to Last by Jim Collins a few months ago, and in it he uses the term “BHAG.”  It stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal.  One of his concepts for achieving a BHAG is to tell people about it — announce it.  I think this is great advice.  By announcing your goal to friends, family, or social media, you own it and are responsible for it.  If you just think it or write it in your planner, no one will know if you don’t complete it.  People don’t like to fail, so if you let others know you are working towards something they will help you achieve it.  Achieving goals is always better when we can share that success with others.  The power of a team, small or big, is incredibly powerful.

In my case, I set a goal to run three miles every day for the month of December.  It was not the most difficult challenge, but it did take discipline and dedication during that busiest of months.  I did not miss a day for the first 28 days, although a few times I was running at 10:30 to keep the streak alive.  We were on a ski trip during the last three days of the month, and it took extra effort to get those runs in either before or after skiing.  As I reached the last day of the year, I was content to call it a success and skip the run on New Year’s Eve.  My wife and girls would have none of that!  After skiing all day in single-digit cold temperatures, they made me stop at the health club on the way home so I could get in my final run.  In the long scheme of health and wellness, that last run did not mean a thing, but it showed me the power of a team and how support helps you achieve your goals.  Marcie, Isabella, and Emerson made me do it, and I am grateful to have their help and support while I try to stay healthy.  Get your kids and other family members involved in your wellness goals. Health and fitness can be very contagious to those important people in your life.

I would love to hear of any goals you are setting, either short or long term.  I promise to check in on all of you and help keep you accountable.  Happy 2018!!!!!