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Thanksgiving Advice

You might think I am going to lecture you on eating a vegan, sugar free tasteless turkey, and the typical wellness nonsense that I usually preach.  All you vegans out there please don’t take this the wrong way.  I love vegans. Not today! Today’s message is about what you get to do for thanksgiving.  I heard a great quote the other day.  It want something like this.  “Change the word got to get.  Remember what we have, and embrace it.  Not everyone in the world has what we have.  We have freedom and choice and we get to do things” Listen to how we can change the perspective on something we might say or think by changing just one word.  You might say to yourself, I have got to take the kids to basketball practice, I have got to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning to work out, I have got go to listen to crazy uncle Joe tell his annoying stories at Thanksgiving again, or I have got to drink this disgusting medicine before my colonoscopy.  A better way to change your mindset from negative to positive is to change the O in got to an E in get. “I get to take my kids to basketball practice and spend time with them.”  “I get to work out tomorrow morning at 5:30 before breakfast with my kids.” “I get to spend time with my cousins and share a great thanksgiving meal with my loved ones.” “I get to perform a medical procedure that may have saved my life if they found a problem” Millions of people across the world don’t live like we do, and don’t have the luxuries that we do.  I am thankful to have been born into the greatest country in the world, and I am thankful to all of you for whatever piece of my life you have touched, small or large.  Be grateful for all the things you get to do. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!!!  I hope all of you get to have a great day!