“Paul Fezza has been our personal trainer for more than a decade.  Paul knows more about our bodies’ musculature than our health-care providers and designs each workout with that knowledge in mind.  Paul has helped us get over back, knee, and shoulder range of motion limitations.  Working with Paul is a delight as he only knows how to encourage and not discourage us. We heartily can recommend Paul’s services to any person concerned about maintaining or improving their quality of life as they age.”
– Mike & Linda, Age 75

“From my careful evaluation with Paul Fezza through every session I have had with trainer John Hallsted, it has been no less than a transformative experience: John is the perfect trainer, always varying the workouts–which is best practices–and tailoring the sessions to push me to do my best without straining or risking injury. On top of this, he makes each session fun and interesting, and if I walk in feeling tired, I somehow walk away always feeling better.”
– Dalton, Age 54

“If you are searching for a friendly, innovative, yet no-nonsense trainer, look no further than Paul Fezza. I would recommend Paul for any level of physical fitness. He uses a total body approach and is particularly helpful with problem areas I may be experiencing.  He is perfect for those who are willing to work hard and are serious about their health and fitness.  After an hour with Paul (which seems to fly by), I am left gasping and satisfied that I have done my work for the day.”
– Ford, Age 50 & Lee, Age 43

“I have been so pleased with my training from 4Everfit. My goal was to find an exercise program that was appropriate for my age and would allow me to incorporate the proper method of exercises in order to attain a more active and healthier lifestyle.  I am perfectly matched with Dan, a trainer who is a consummate professional in his field.  He is knowledgeable, a good communicator and is creative in designing workouts that are interesting, challenging and varied. I am able to incorporate his exercises at home and when I travel.  Many thanks.”
– Lea, Age 70

“One of the biggest challenges as a professional dancer is being able to cope with the physical demands of the work while staying injury-free. When Paul started performing MAT therapy with me, I discovered that I had many imbalances between my right and left sides.  Paul was able to help me strengthen those weak muscles and I could really feel a difference when I went to ballet class. Other times, if I had a small injury, Paul’s expertise in MAT would show me how weak muscles in another place were affecting the injured area. One of the main benefits of my MAT therapy sessions with Paul has been a greater awareness of my own body and knowledge of what I need to fix when problems arise.”
– Tory, Professional Ballet Dancer, Age 20