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Performance – Success -Discipline Are they connected?

Performance: the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function.

Success: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Discipline: orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior. Self-control.


Can you perform successfully without discipline?  I think you can have limited success without discipline, but you will not achieve the top tier or success (however you define it) without discipline.

The three words above have a connection when it comes to achievement.  Achievement is defined as a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill. Notice the word achievement was not in any of the definitions above, but if you want to succeed at something you’re doing, you’ll need discipline in order to get there.

We all want to achieve something.  Perhaps running a marathon, perhaps running a mile, losing weight, waking up pain free, passing a class in high school, or maybe just saying no to something you don’t want to do.  There are all kinds of achievements, but what they have in common is that your actions will either enable you to succeed or keep you from doing so.  Some might call it failure if you don’t achieve your goal.  I would call it a learning experience.  We are not going to succeed all the time.  No one does.  Most successful people learn from experiences (failures) and adjust, modify or develop new actions that ultimately may end in success.  That success may be small or large, but usually the large successes are made up of many small ones along the way. And even if you fail to reach your goal, you likely have had some small successes in the effort.

Last month I challenged you to do 500 pushups, 500 sit-ups, and 500 burpees over 20 days.  I completed the challenge, but I will admit that I did not do it every day.  I had a few make up days. Life gets in the way, and sometimes you don’t get it done.  Having a mind set of “I can” and “I will” makes these challenges easier.  Starting with a positive attitude can make the difference between successfully completing a goal or coming up short.  Believe in yourself.  I think deep down Alex Ovechkin knew he would someday win the Cup.  He believed in himself and in his teammates, and that brought him to his greatest achievement – carrying the Cup around the rink!

Stay consistent, create healthy habits, maintain your discipline, and large successes are soon to follow.