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Ordinary Can Be Extraordinary!

by Marcella Fezza

What’s your definition of a superhero? Someone with extraordinary powers? Someone who performs heroic deeds? How about an ordinary person doing ordinary things? This may just be the most extraordinary of all.


I realized I was a superhero just the other day. I think it was a Wednesday. I knew that whatever happened in the next hour, I would be awesome. Period. That was it. Extraordinary was on my horizon. I was getting dressed for my workout. What?


What makes you feel like a workout superhero? There are several things that evoke my superhero self.  One of them, apparently, is this shirt. Ordinary can be extraordinary. Every time I put this thing on, I feel powerful and strong. There is nothing special about this shirt. It’s just a shirt, but it helps me get my mind right. I approach my workout with an “I’m going to kick ass” mentality.


Injuries and slumps happen. I’ve been rehabbing  forever (in my mind). Reality? It’s been three months. I need to rehab as hard as I work out, but it’s difficult to maintain that intensity for rehab. It’s been easy to hide my superhero shirt at the back of the drawer. It reminds me too much of all I had been.


But of all the qualities superheroes possess, mockery is not among them. I put that shirt on Wednesday morning and it was all still there. Ordinary was extraordinary. It silenced the “less than, only rehab” mantra in my head. I met myself where I was and had a great workout.


I didn’t think I was a superhero. I was a superhero. A superhero of my very own. For me alone.


Becoming your superhero is a state of mind. So what is it that brings out your superhero? Perhaps it’s a particular workout? Sport? Location? Your workout partner? Your favorite song? The trail through the woods? A mantra? The bracelet your daughter made you?


Find it. Use it. Bring out the superhero in you. She (or he) is there. I promise.


Ordinary can be extraordinary.