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National Running Day

It is a great day to start a new exercise regimen.The first Wednesday in June is always National Running Day. If you have never been a runner it is a great day to start and don’t be afraid to start very slow. A 30 second run is still a run. A 1/4 mile is still a run. Progress each week with a little more. Walk some, and then run a little. Get your kids to do it with you. It is a great habit and skill to start doing when you are young. My kids hate running. My 14 year old hates it, but when I watch her run, she looks good. I think deep down she is beginning to like it. Perhaps, it is wishful thinking on my part. A good short article on the benefits of youth running on school performance. https://activeforlife.com/the-benefits-of-a-mile-a-day/

My friend posted his run for today. I love it.