Weekly Fitness Challenge

This weeks challenge will focus on the glutes. Perform these 5 exercises each day to fire up the glutes and free up the hips.  Strong Glutes = Stong Legs= Better Mover = Better Runner! They are not designed to increase mass, they are designed to improve function and peformance. 2[…]

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Jumping Benefits

Jumping Benefits – Kids Do It, So Should You? As we age we often think we should not or cannot do the things we did when we were younger. I would disagree most of the time. Performing movements and activities that are natural for children to do should also be[…]

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Weekly Workout Challenge March 26, 2017

Perform each of the following exercises designed to stimulate and strengthen your abdominals.  They mostly focus on your oblique muscles or your side abdominals.  These exercises will also stimulate and strengthen your hips, ankles, shoulders, and neck. Perform each of the following on each side before moving on to the[…]

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