Weekly Fitness Challenge

This weeks challenge will focus on the glutes. Perform these 5 exercises each day to fire up the glutes and free up the hips.  Strong Glutes = Stong Legs= Better Mover = Better Runner! They are not designed to increase mass, they are designed to improve function and peformance. 2[…]

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Weekly Fit Challenge -HAMSTRINGS

Hamstrings- I often say the hamstrings are the weakest part of many peoples body.  Why?  Because we sit so much and they stay in a shortened positions for so many hours per day.  Here are 4 exercises to strengthen and stimulate them.  These are high rep and light weight exercises[…]

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Jumping Benefits

Jumping Benefits – Kids Do It, So Should You? As we age we often think we should not or cannot do the things we did when we were younger. I would disagree most of the time. Performing movements and activities that are natural for children to do should also be[…]

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