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Exercise and Wellness Streaks

Exercise & Wellness Streaks As many of you know I often offer a fitness challenge to you.  They have varied over the years but they’re usually a 30-day challenge or a weekly challenge.  I try to make them manageable and beneficial to most of you, but factors including your age, fitness level, and the difficulty of the challenge might make[…]

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Assisted Movements Can Lead to Improved Muscle Function

I would like to give credit to one of my clients for suggesting this idea for the blog post.  During a workout she commented on how amazing it is that small adjustments in position and a little help guiding a movement can make such a difference in what she feels during exercise.   Here is how it happened. I had her[…]

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4 Ever Fit Tips – The Importance of LRHRE for People Over 60

The Importance of LRHRE for People Over 60! LRHRE = Low resistance high repetition exercises.  Not as sexy as HIT exercises, which get all the publicity these days.  Yes, HIT (high intensity training) exercises are the latest craze, and they have excellent benefits:  most common are metabolic increases, caloric burn, weight loss, muscle gain, and stress reduction.  While these benefits[…]

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