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National Running Day

It is a great day to start a new exercise regimen.The first Wednesday in June is always National Running Day. If you have never been a runner it is a great day to start and don’t be afraid to start very slow. A 30 second run is still a run. A 1/4 mile is still a run. Progress each week[…]

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Today’s blog will not be about fitness. While running this Saturday and listening to a podcast, I did something unusual for me. I stopped to “smell the roses.” I almost always listen to podcasts while running, but I hardly ever stop and take the time to enjoy the natural surroundings of my running routes.  This day was different.  It was[…]

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Yeti 24 hour Challenge

The corona virus has inspired many different types of physical challenges in trying to get people going beyond their comfort zone physically and mentally.  About a moth ago Marcie and I stumbled across one that seemed very interesting to both of us.  The Yeti 24-hour challenge.  Marcie was planning to a shorter event called the Farm Park challenge which was[…]

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4 State Appalachian Trail Challenge Complete!!!!!!

Below is a recap of my Saturday on March 28, 2020. Most people were stuck home during the Corona Virus Crisis. I had a challenge planned and fortunately it did not entail a group of people or indoor space. It was a trail run/hike with a friend and we decided to go for it. The weather was on and off[…]

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