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Lifespan Training – Living Longer, Better and Healthier

How can we improve our chances of living longer with a high quality of life?  The number of years we live, our lifespan, is determined by how long one can avoid accidental death and how long one can delay the arrival of chronic disease. Living healthy requires preserving three important elements of life for as long as possible.  These elements[…]

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Stay in the game!

“There is no exercise better for the heart than  reaching down and lifting people up.”    -John Holmes- I read this wonderful blog post and thought I would share it with all of you. So much goodness goes unnoticed in our country everyday. The news is always filled with negativity. People who you might least expect to do a good[…]

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4 Ever Fit Fall Fitness Challenge

Join us in starting a running or walking streak. It is pretty simple.  Either walk or run 1 mile everyday for 42 straight days.  Labor day is the day to start the streak and if you choose to end it the goal is the day before Columbus Day – October 13. Doing something everyday builds habits.  Good habits make life[…]

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