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Weekly Fitness Challenge for Seniors – Supine Shoulder Mobility

This week we will continue to stimulate our shoulders and thoracic spine.  The movements this week are to wake up and stretch your shoulders while on the floor.  Three will be on the floor and one while lying on your side.  Do them daily for best results and improvements.  If you have existing shoulder problems do the movements very slowly[…]

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Weekly Fitness Challenge for Seniors – Shoulder & Thoracic Mobility

This week we will move away from the lower body and shift our focus to your shoulders and upper back.  Maintaining shoulder and thoracic spine mobility as we age can prevent and minimalize both shoulder, neck, and hand/wrist pain as we get older.  Most people have no idea that they have limited mobility in their thoracic spine.  The body does[…]

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Weekly Fitness Challenge for Seniors

STAIR LUNGES This week our challenge is a cross between an exercise and stretch. It is a movement or a dynamic stretch, and great for improving hip, ankle, and upper back mobility.  For today’s challenge you will need to be at the bottom of a flight of stairs.  The challenge is a lunge to a stair.  Instead of doing a[…]

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Weekly Fitness Challenge

10 Minute Hit Workout Stair Sprints-Push Ups- Abs This week’s challenge is slightly different than our previous challenges.  This challenge is a combination of high intensity cardiovascular exercise with an upper body and an abdominal component that should fatigue your heart, your upper body and your abs. Please perform a good warm up before you begin to help prevent muscle[…]

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