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4 Ever Fit Tips – The Importance of LRHRE for People Over 60

The Importance of LRHRE for People Over 60! LRHRE = Low resistance high repetition exercises.  Not as sexy as HIT exercises, which get all the publicity these days.  Yes, HIT (high intensity training) exercises are the latest craze, and they have excellent benefits:  most common are metabolic increases, caloric burn,[…]

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Book Review – Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

Being Mortal is an incredibly thought provoking and fascinating insight into life as death approaches. This is not a topic that most people generally enjoy talking about, but we must all face the fact that we and all our loved ones will eventually die. Having a better understanding of how[…]

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Keto Diet – Yea or Nay

Keto Diet – Yea or Nay Continuing with the nutrition discussion from my last blog, I will take a dive into the Keto craze.  Although I have never tried this diet, I have a few clients who have done so this year.  Some like it, some love it, and others[…]

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