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Weekly Fitness Challenge for Seniors

Stretch Band Dead Lifts Side Walking Bicep Curls This week we are doing some standing leg exercises using a stretch band to work outer hips, your hamstrings and finishing with a bicep curl for your arms and shoulders.  The hamstrings, and outer hips are two of the most under exercised leg muscles because we very rarely move laterally to exercise[…]

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Weekly Fitness Challenge Jumping Jacks & Max Push Ups

Each week most of you should receive 2 challenges.  One for seniors, and one for everyone else.  The senior challenge is less stressful and geared towards the 75-100 year old crowd.  The senior challenge has value to people of all ages, so don’t discount it if you want to add a consistent low intensity balance or stabilization exercise/stretch to your[…]

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Weekly Fitness Challenge for Seniors – Pendulum Leg Swings

Body control is vital during movement in maintaining a person balance.  This one component of life can prevent you from falling in normal circumstances.  Other factors may lead to falls, such as a slippery floor, or not noticing an object in your path.  During those instances reaction time and strength are the keys to fall prevention.  Our movement for this[…]

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Weekly Fitness Challenge For Seniors – Seated Abdominal Workout

Abs. Core. 6 Pack.  Seniors probably hate thinking about abs.  Why?  Everyone thinks they have week abs and they usually say things to themselves such as “How do I train them? How do I make them look better? Abs are hard and it hurts to train them.”  Here is a little secret, training them is all about awakening and activating[…]

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Weekly Fitness Challenge – Jumping Jacks & Max Push Ups

Jumping Jacks & Max Push Ups This week the workout is quick but challenging.  It may take 3 minutes and you should have noodle arms when you are finished. Watch todays video and see me struggle.  I give it 1000%.  It felt great to push to the max!!!! Do the following without any rest. 25 Jumping Jacks 75-80% of your maximum[…]

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