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Today’s blog will not be about fitness.

While running this Saturday and listening to a podcast, I did something unusual for me. I stopped to “smell the roses.” I almost always listen to podcasts while running, but I hardly ever stop and take the time to enjoy the natural surroundings of my running routes.  This day was different.  It was a crisp, sunny day, and I was on one of the Billy Goat trails with the Potomac River to my left. I stopped, turned off my podcast, and stared at our beautiful environment which I am fortunate enough to call my backyard.

In a time of despair for many I feel incredibly blessed for all my fortunes.  My family, friends, co-workers and clients are all special to me.  I just want to share one feeling I have had since the beginning of this crisis.  Stay positive and believe. 

We will get past this.  We live in a country with tremendous doctors, great lifesaving capabilities, and the smartest minds out there working to help everyone.

Some scientists are saying that sunlight is very good at limiting the spread of the virus.  I think this quote is quite appropriate: “The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy.” – Henry Ward Beecher.  Get out in the sun this spring and grab some joy.  I think it will make you feel better on the inside and outside.

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy in mind and body, and I hope to see or speak to you soon.