About Us

In 1998 Paul started 4 Ever Fit Inc. on his lunch break while working for a Physical Therapist.  That one client has turned into hundreds over the past 2 decades.  Along the way Paul has spent thousands of hours learning more and more about how the muscular system of the human body functions.  This knowledge and experience is constantly being shared with his team of trainers and his clients.

Paul believes that stability and balance come from the bottom up. The feet and legs must be stable to provide mobility and stability to the rest of the body. When a person begins to feel stronger, supported and more balanced they feel confident.  This confidence spreads and empowers clients to improve in all aspects of their lives.

Our Team of Extremely Experienced Fitness Experts have one Goal.  Our goal is to empower you to improve your well-being both physically and mentally. We create specific workouts designed to have you feeling stronger and more energized when your workout is complete.  We will build you up! We don’t break you down. Take a look at our experienced team and choose a trainer who you think might be right for you.  Our Team