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Weekly Fitness Challenge for Seniors – Stand Tall & Improve your Posture with Upper Back Postural Exercises

As everyone ages, they tend to shrink a little.  This is mostly caused by joint compression throughout our body.  To simplify this for you, remember your muscles both move your bones and help them maintain their position in conjunction to other bones.  Strong muscles provide space between your joints for easy movement.  As we age our muscles get weaker and[…]

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Weekly Fitness Challenge Hip Exercises For Runners

This week’s challenge is by no means high intensity.  It is more of an exercise that will help improve your overall hip function.  If you are a runner it will help you run more efficiently by strengthening your glutes which are very important for hip extension, and pelvic control during the single leg phase of running.  I won’t get too[…]

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Weekly Fitness Challenge for Seniors – Chair Get Ups

This week we are expanding on the “get up” from early September. Get Up Video  Getting up from the ground and getting up from a chair are both extremely important actions vital to independence and daily living. Our challenge this week is what I call “chair get ups.”  Some might call them squats.  What do you have to do after a[…]

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Weekly Fitness Challenge for Seniors

Stretch Band Dead Lifts Side Walking Bicep Curls This week we are doing some standing leg exercises using a stretch band to work outer hips, your hamstrings and finishing with a bicep curl for your arms and shoulders.  The hamstrings, and outer hips are two of the most under exercised leg muscles because we very rarely move laterally to exercise[…]

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