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4 State Appalachian Trail Challenge Update

February 27, 2020

As many of you know, I had a knee injury back in August. I had it diagnosed and it was a bone/cartilage irritation. The doctor said take 8 weeks off from running, perform some leg exercises and start up again slowly. I followed his orders and it worked.
So what would any sane individual do. Decide to Run/Hike 42 miles on the Appalachian trail. Below is an snapshot of what I have been doing for my training. It is going great with Zero right knee pain.

I started back up with a few very short runs in mid December. So my rest was about 10 weeks. For the first two weeks I only ran 1-3 miles per run. The next 4 weeks I kept my runs between 2-6 miles.

My first long run was on Jan. 24. 11 Miles on the greenway trail in Gaithersburg.

Trail Run Jan. 24 2020

The following weekend on February 1 I ran 13.1 miles. It was a chilly Saturday morning and I felt great.

During the week I usually do 1 outside run of under 6 miles and a few short runs on the treadmill, anywhere from 1 mile to 3 miles, just to keep my running muscles working. I also do easy stationary biking. My next run was a week later. It was 17 miles doing an out and back on the cabin john trail.

I dropped my next long run down to 10 miles as a rest weekend and followed it with a 19.5 mile run on trails and the canal towpath for my longest run so far. My goal for this run/walk for 4 hours. The last hour was in the dark with a headlamp. A challenging new experience for me. I spent the trail time walking. Down hill in the dark is not the safest way to run.

This weekend I plan another 10-12 mile recovery run. I will keep you updated on what happens next weekend. My body feels good and strong. Happy Trails.