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4 State App trail challenge update – My Training

March 8, 2020

2 more weekends completed. My slow 10-12 mile run went great. I was lucky enough to run with my friends Joe and Josh. Josh will be completing the 4SATC at the end of March. We jogged the Avenel loop in Potomac Maryland with a detour on to the C&O Canal towpath at lock 8/79th st. One hour and 50 minutes of easy chatting.

This weekend was busy. Saturday was skiing at Liberty Mountain in PA, and Sunday was my longest training run. I planned to do 5 hours or 25 miles. It ended up being 26.2 miles and almost 5 1/2 hours. The last 5 miles were a challenge. I will need to fuel better when we tackle 42 miles in 3 weeks. Below is the screen shot of the run. It was a great weather day, and the trails were amazing. I highly recommend checking out the Seneca Bluffs Trail near Seneca Creek. It was different than any trail I have done in the Potomac area. Elevated and a wide range of views in all directions. I felt very good two days later and did a short 3 mile run.

21 Days till the run