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4 Ever Fit Tips – The Importance of LRHRE for People Over 60

The Importance of LRHRE for People Over 60!

LRHRE = Low resistance high repetition exercises.  Not as sexy as HIT exercises, which get all the publicity these days.  Yes, HIT (high intensity training) exercises are the latest craze, and they have excellent benefits:  most common are metabolic increases, caloric burn, weight loss, muscle gain, and stress reduction.  While these benefits are desirable for most people under 60, what about the over-60 crowd?  They, too, can benefit from HIT exercises, but at what cost and at what risk?

While our team at 4 Ever Fit trains clients under 60, most of our current and new clients tend to be over 60.  We pride ourselves on having a greater understanding of the body, how it works, and what we can do to enable our clients to function better, feel better, move better, look better, and live longer. A properly designed training program for anyone should have a set of principles designed to increase muscle endurance, muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance and cardiovascular strength, leading to a vast array of benefits to our mind and body.

As we age, our neuromuscular system deteriorates slowly starting in the early 40s for most people. A reduction in signaling and neurological stimulation equals fewer muscular contractions which lead to loss of muscle.  On average 10%–20% of skeletal muscle mass is lost by the seventh decade of life, and a further 20% reduction occurs within the eighth decade; this decline may be accelerated into very old age.

So the question is:  what is the optimal way to reduce this decline?

Our expert senior trainer Dan Falcone makes excellent use of the LRHRE method for both his clients and his own fitness.  We are seeing fabulous results with clients in their 80s and 90s.  His program uses very light resistance exercise bands for a wide variety of movements performed both seated and standing.  He focuses on pushing, pulling, and rotating, emphasizing the thoracic spine and shoulder mobility.  The hips also get involved in stability and rotation.  We try to keep the older clients on their feet for as long as possible when it is safe to build balance and stability during the workout.  The exercises are performed one right after the other with very little rest between movements.  By the end of the workout the repetitions are usually in the triple digits for each movement.  Contrary to most workout regimens, this workout is not designed to fatigue the muscular system.  It is designed to stimulate and engage as many muscles as possible.  It typically leaves our clients feeling stronger, more balanced, more flexible, and with lots of energy.

For the younger crowd this type of a workout is a great complement to a higher intensity workout day.  Instead of taking a day off, try an LRHRE workout — it will help you recover faster and will recruit a greater number of muscle fibers that occasionally get bypassed on high intensity workouts.

For more information about this or any kind of workout call (301-461-4881) or email me (pfezza@4-everfit.com) anytime. I am always happy to discuss fitness with you or anyone considering starting a new workout regimen.