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4 Ever Fit Fall Fitness Challenge

Join us in starting a running or walking streak. It is pretty simple.  Either walk or run 1 mile everyday for 42 straight days.  Labor day is the day to start the streak and if you choose to end it the goal is the day before Columbus Day – October 13.

Doing something everyday builds habits.  Good habits make life easier. When we think about and plan our exercise those decisions use some mental energy.  Our mental and physical energy work together.  The challenge of deciding to do something can make doing something more difficult, especially when it involves a physical challenge. Remove the mental challenge and the physical becomes so much easier.

After the first 5 days the habit gets locked in and you will not have to think about it.  You will just carve our the time and get it done.  #getitdone.

Run or walk 1 mile/day starting on Labor Day & finishing the day before Columbus Day
September 2 – October 13