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30 Day Challenge – Bur-pees – Do your age

This months 30 day challenge is a great one.  It is simple.

Perform a bur-pee for every year you have been alive per day.

I am 46 so I will do 46 bur-pees per day.  It is great for kids to learn this movement and it wont be too hard for them to do 7-13 per day depending on their age.  Do it with them and they will start to look forward to it and motivate you to get yours done.

My goal is 1380 bur-pees for July. 

Set your goal and #getitdone.

For our older crowd. Here is a modification if you would like something a bit easier.

Over 50 – 1/2 your age per day

Over 60 1/3 your age per day

Over 70 1/5 your age per day

Over 80 1/10 of your age per day

Feel free to modify this so you can complete it without injuring yourself.

Here are 4 videos  on how to perform proper bur-pees and showing various modifications of bur-pees to make them easier or harder.